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Siobhan (Shiv-vaughn) Hutchinson

Your Guide to Natural Health

Working with a wide range of clients in challenging situations, Siobhan encourages them in a warm partnership for self-empowerment in healing. Clients have experienced increased range of motion, balance, relaxation, reduced stress, and an overall sense of well-being. She has studied in China and continues her studies with a variety of holistic practitioners. Her passion is stress relief and walking in serenity.


• Master’s Degree in Holistic Health, Georgian Court University

• Bachelor of Arts, Franklin and Marshall College

• Accredited Teacher- T’ai Chi Chih®, Seijaku, Guigen Qigong

• Certified Reiki Master/Teacher

• Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

• Facilitator Psych-K


Combining ancient wisdom and practices with the cutting edge science of epigenetics and quantum physics, you will learn how to guide your mind, body, and spirit to reduce stress, pain, and to re-balance your body’s vital energy as you strive for optimal well-being.

Video- Meet Siobhan

These practices and techniques do not diagnose or cure illness nor does Next Step Strategies, LLC make any claims as such.

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