Important Energy Medicine Dates with CEs*

Energy Medicine 101 & 102:

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Natural Steps to De-Stress. This is your time to learn and experience why Dr. Mehmet Oz states that “Energy Medicine is the next frontier.”  Empower yourself with self-healing and vibrant health in a way that is effective, time efficient affordable and available 24/7!


-“As a healthcare and energy medicine practitioner, I learned additional information that will be helpful in my practice. Some specific information includes the Brazilian Toe Technique, ways to use the components of the 5 Minute Routine to address a specific need such as grounding or addressing a headache, and using muscle testing. These were just a few examples of what I learned.”

-“I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Siobhan was very knowledgeable on the subject and was able to communicate and explain it in a way that made the information very understandable. She had a good combination of theory and practice which made it easy, fun, and enjoyable. My class had a combination of people who were seasoned in this field and a couple of novices like myself and yet she managed to keep everyone’s attention and full participation. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

-“Just loved the class, the instructor was – once more – excellent.  Instructor was enthusiastic, positive, upbeat, and genuinely loves to share energy medicine with clients.  She made the class enjoyable, as well as, educational.  Siobhan was a wonderful teacher who engaged us and explained things in a way that was easily understood.  Excellent introductory class and teacher...a very fun and informative day!

Your choice:

 Your choice:  Saturday & Sunday, October 28th & 29th in Toms River, NJ OR Saturday & Sunday, November 11th & 12th in Langhorne, PA.  Ask about CEs for MTs.
Check back for our fall schedule.  Please e-mail your interest so that we may include you in our upcoming announcements of future classes.  Include the town/area that you prefer to have the class at and consider forming your group of 10 and we will come to you!


*Both EM101/102- 6 NCBTMB CE Hours

Innersource is approved by the NCBTMB as a continuing education Approved Provider (450052-06). Approved courses are labeled and the contact hours may be used for required certification for massage therapists.

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