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An Audio discussion

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Siobhan is intervied by Melissa Chalker Program Manager with the NJ Foundation for Aging:

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  • We will take you to Paradise (literally) this Saturday-

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    2013 World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day. Visit details for 2014 Event at A very special thank you to Antonia Cooper...

  • Looking for Health Alternatives or taking control of your own health? Visit Natural Health & Wellness Center on May 3rd at the Head-to-Toe Women's Expo. Natural Health & Wellness Center will be providing two things, wellness screenings to check for the 3 causes of health problems: This will included chemical toxicity from pollution, hormonal imbalances from stress and lastly the neurological stress from past traumas and how they may be affecting your health. We will also be providing information on Thermography and having a Thermography Scan registration. We will be raffling off a Free Health In a Box which is a $65 value.

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