Learn to Quiet the Reactive Mind With T’ai Chi Chih

2019 Winter T’ai Chi Class Schedule:

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Mondays – For beginners & seniors- 6:30pm Starting Feb. 11th at the Street Center in Hainesport, NJ. This is a series of 6 week 1 hour classes for a total of $100, if paid prior to 1/23/19. Register with Municipal Bldg., call 609-267-7114.

Tuesdays – For Beginners & Intermediate- 9:30am. At Country Lakes Clubhouse, 69 Tensaw Drive, Browns Mills (turn by the Wawa & Comcast strip mall, take 2nd left to Tensaw, about a mile down). Affordable, continual classes starting February 5th.

Tuesdays – For Intermediate- 6:30pm starting Feb. 5th. At American Legion, 2 Meadowbrook Lane, New Egypt, NJ. This is a series of 8 week 1 hour classes for a total of $125, if paid prior to 1/23/19. Space is limited.

Wednesdays – For beginners & seniors- 1pm Starting Feb. 6th. At the Hainesport Municipal Building, Hainesport, NJ. This is a series of 6 week 1 hour classes. Register prior to 1/23/19 and SAVE. Register with Municipal Bldg., call 609-267-7114.

Thursdays – For Beginners at 6pm & Advanced at 7:15pm- starting February 7th. At 1970 Hwy. 33, Hamilton, NJ. This is a series of 8 week 1 hour classes for a total of $125, if paid prior to 1/23/19. Space is limited.

Fridays – For beginners & Intermediates at 6:30pm starting February 8th. At Array of Light, 511 Dover Rd., Toms River. This is a series of 7 week 1 hour classes for a total of $115, if paid prior to 1/23/19. Space is limited.

Reiki 1 – A gentle method that helps to restore balance and harmony in our hearts and lives. 9-5pm in Hainesport, NJ. $150 early bird rate by 1/31/19, after $200

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, MARCH 16 & 17 AND MARCH 23 & 24- Energy Medicine 101 & 102 – Learn a 5 minute daily routine that will help improve your energy, how to stay grounded, effects of stress on your energies & how to lessen its effects, how to protect your Aura, pain releasing techniques, energy testing on yourself and others.  Each class is full of practice, practice, practice, and ends with each participant experiencing an EEM mini-session that balances and calms their energy.  Ask about CEs.  Sponsored by Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ March 16 & 17th 9a-5p and at Medicine in Balance, Langhorne, PA March 23 & 34 . Advance registration & fee a must. Siobhan@NextStepStrategiesLLC.com or call 609-752-1048    Ask about CEUs.

 – By Appointment personalized Reiki+ sessions  Struggling with a chronic condition or feel there is nowhere else to turn?  Let’s work together to balance energies and create a customized strategy for you.  Appointments at Toms River center, New Egypt Spa, or your home (central NJ+).  For more information & registration call 609-752-1048 or email Siobhan@NextStepStrategiesLLC.com.  See testimonials on our Website and ask about our other days of service.

Ask about our classes at private communities, assisted living centers, and rehabs.  Or, ask how to have a class near you.

If you would like an Energy Balancing Session (for help with relaxation, pain, stress, health challenges), call for an appointment at our various locations or in the comfort of YOUR home.

T’ai Chi Chih®: Joy thru Movement – A gentle, moving, meditation with many health benefits.  One of the most studied T’ai Chi forms by UCLA, shown to increase immunity, improve sleep quality, and decrease the symptoms of depression, while improving balance and lowering high blood pressure.  Can be taught seated or standing.  See our video on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FiNK_iV5nk AND our new interview on FB athttps://www.facebook.com/NextStepStrategies/

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Register directly with Siobhan unless otherwise stated.
Early registration saves $ at most locations.

Ask about our classes in retirement villages, private classes, and fun workshops with CEs for nurses & massage therapists.  Topics: Holistic Health, T’ai Chi, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Numerology, and more!


World T’ai Chi & Qigong Day – Saturday, April 27, 2019

Columbus, NJ

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T’ai Chi Chih Demonstration Video

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