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Self-Healing and Self-Empowerment 
for YOU
In Person Classes throughout Central NJ & Bucks Co. Pa & Online
 Are you FEELING TIRED ... wanting to increase your ENERGY
Are you feeling STRESSED, ANXIOUS, or WORRIED?
Maybe y
ou just want to be in LESS PAIN
or improve your BALANCE

We offer a variety of Holistic Wellness programs in T'ai Chi, Qigong, Energy Medicine, & Reiki as well as workshops in Numerology, 5 Element Theory. Tapping into Your Body's Natural Healing, & so much more. Come join one of our classes in person or online:

-T’ai Chi Chih® means “Knowledge of the Supreme Ultimate or the Vital Force.”  This translates to harmony & balance of your Chi (your intrinsic energy).  It is not a martial art as some people think. It is completely nonviolent. All levels of ability find it easy to learn and practice as the teacher customizes the program to fit each need.

-Qigong is described as a mind-body-spirit practice that will improve one’s mental and physical health. It consists of body posture, movement, breathing, and moving meditation.

-Holistic Wellness with Energy Medicine- easy, effective, & fun techniques that help you tap into your body's healing ability.  We make it easy to follow along and create a routine just for YOU!

These practices and techniques do not diagnose or cure illness nor do Next Step Strategies, LLC make any claims as such.

Feeling Down & Out of Sorts?


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Experience the difference with gentle easy-to-follow movements and taps that can be done seated or standing.  An effective way to help with stress, balance, better sleep quality, support the immune system, as well as calming the chattering mind.


Next Step Strategies, LLC was founded to educate and encourage individuals to discover their body’s natural healing ability through holistic healing therapies in Hamilton, NJ area -Central, NJ & Bucks Co., PA. Our modalities include, but are not limited to:

We want to foster self-empowerment for our clientele in their healing journey. We can teach you natural techniques, in clear simple language, and provide the philosophy and/or research supporting them. Easy, Effective, Natural steps to better health.

Clients can choose classes or personalized one-on-one sessions for deep relaxation and reducing the effects of stress. Research studies on these various practices suggest that symptoms of many health challenges may be effectively reduced.


These practices and techniques do not diagnose or cure illness nor do Next Step Strategies, LLC make any claims as such.

Contact us today to learn about private sessions and group classes in person throughout Central NJ, Bucks Co, PA & Online.

TRY A FREE Holistic Wellness ONLINE CLASS On 1/30/23 at 10am 
TRY A ONE (1) T'ai Chi Chih Class for $10 on any Wednesday at 6pm- contact for details


Holistic WELLNESS Classes & Sessions
Online & In Person

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