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Get Balanced

If you are looking for balance restoration, Next Step Strategies can help you achieve your goal with Reiki.

What is Reiki?

• A system using subtle energy through either laying on of hands or non-local (distance) methods

• A modality that promotes the body’s ability to heal itself

• May reduce stress and pain.

• Hospitals utilizing Reiki as a complement to their care include:

-Columbia University Medical Center
-Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
-CentraState Medical Center
-Morristown Memorial Hospital & many more

• Chemotherapy and radiation patients receiving Reiki often experience a decrease in side effects

• One-on-one sessions, workshops, lectures are available.  Also, great for pets.

• Ask about how you can take a Reiki class or have a session

Through natural methodologies, you can encourage  your mind, body, and spirit to:

• Be More Energetic

• Reduce Stress

• Minimize Pain

• Revitalize

These practices and techniques do not diagnose or cure illness nor do Next Step Strategies, LLC make any claims as such.

Appointments- Call 609-752-1048

Join our Online Classes in Holistic Wellness or T'ai Chi Chih.

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