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Siobhan Hutchinson, MA- Holistic Health      

Siobhan is an international speaker and interviewer.  Her programs are lively and interactive as well as educational.  Health Care Centers also utilize these programs for marketing to the community.  In addition, customized movement programs are available for Active Adults, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehabs, Universities, Wellness Programs, Staff, and centers.

Speaking Topics

Topic Title:  Natural Techniques to De-Stress, Re-Balance, & Re-Energize:  For the Caregiver & the Client

Description:  Mehmet Oz, MD and C. Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D. have stated that

Energy Medicine is the future.  Experience how simply tapping, touching, massaging different points on the body can help to de-stress, re-balance, and re-energize the mind, body, and spirit.   Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and Donna Eden Energy Medicine, learn practical applications for daily living for the care of you and your loved ones.


Topic Title:   Numerology- What Does Your Name Mean?

Description:  Learn a fun way to work with Names and Numbers to discover what they represent and their energetic attractions.  See for yourself whether they reveal your true characteristics or your friends.  Numerology traces back to the Babylonians and Pythagoras, but you need not be good at math!  Bring some paper or a notebook and a pen.  Sense of humor, a must.


Topic Title:  Chinese Medicine- 5 Rhythms- Which one are you?

Description: This is a fascinating exploration of your “type”- it includes personality traits, stress triggers, potential ailments, preventative measures, etc. It is fun learning which one you might be and other people in your life.

Topic Title:  Energy Medicine for Women

Description:  Learn Eden Energy Medicine techniques to help manage the challenges of Menopause and hot flashes.  Easy steps to cool down, refresh, and increase well-being.


Topic Title:  Relieving Pain- different ways to tap into the body’s natural healing ability.  Bring a hairbrush and a metal tablespoon.


Topic Title:  Calming Stress & Anxiety with Energy Medicine.


Topic Title:  Animal Card Reading- discover your power animal and what do the different animals represent when they appear in your life


Topic Title:  Aromatherapy

Like a fine wine, learn about the difference in quality of essential oils and how you may use them to help with:  improving sleep quality, help to ground and center you, and help awaken a sensual you.  We will be sampling some oils.


Topic Title:  T’ai Chi Chih®:  Joy thru Movement

Description:  This is a gentle, mindful, moving meditation that is easy to learn and one of the most researched T’ai Chi practices.  T’ai Chi strengthens balance (preventing falls), decreases high blood pressure, and many report improving well-being.  Participants will experience some of the movements and learn about the UCLA research that demonstrates how T’ai Chi Chih increases immunity, improves sleep quality, as well as decreasing the symptoms of depression especially in seniors.


Topic Title:  Reiki

Description: Reiki (pronounced ray-key), meaning "Universal Life Force" energy, is a natural form of healing that originated over 2500 years ago. The Reiki System, a gentle laying -on-of-hands healing process, helps to restore balance and harmony in our hearts and lives.  Reiki supports the body's natural abilities to heal itself, balances life-giving energy, loosens up blocked energy, and fosters mental and spiritual well-being. Many hospitals and homecare agencies offer Reiki to their patients and families.

Ask about our Full Day/Weekend Workshops on Energy Medicine and Reiki.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Holistic Health Practitioner

Phone: 609-752-1048

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