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Classes and Events: Online & In Person

Beginners are encouraged to experience one class, so they can feel the difference this work makes!

In Person Class:
Tuesdays 9am T’ai Chi Chih beginning Jan. 17th at Riviera, West Windsor, NJ

Tuesdays 6:30pm T'ai Chi Chih beginning Feb. 28th at Newtown Parks & Recreation, Newtown, PA

Tuesdays 6:30pm Intermediate T'ai Chi Chih beginning April 18th at Newtown Parks & Recreation, Newtown, PA (outside when weather permits)

Wednesdays 10:30am T'ai Chi Chih beginning Jan. 18th at Four Seasons Allentown, NJ

Thursdays 4:30pm T'ai Chi Chih beginning Jan. 19th at Equestra, Farmingdale, NJ

Fridays 1pm T'ai Chi Chih beginning April 10th at The Renaissance, Manchester, NJ

Online Classes:
Mondays 10am Holistic Wellness – Free class 1/30/23, monthly fee $96

Wednesdays 6pm T’ai Chi Chih- monthly fee $96

Combo Holistic Wellness and T’ai Chi Chih monthly fee $142 saving $5

Coming Soon!!!  Saturdays at 9am Holistic Wellness Classes

Join our FREE Online Panel of Experts on the Global Transformation Project on

Sunday, Feb. 5th- 4pm Eastern

Link to Register for Feb 5 Panel

Look for our classes at various gated communities, parks & recreation, senior centers as well as outdoor classes.  We are open to explore a location near you.

-Stonebridge in Monroe
-The Renaissance in Manchester

-The Riviers in East Windsor (open to non-residents)

-The Homestead in Columbus (open to non-residents)
-Newtown Parks & Recreation
-Wrangle Brook Community Garden
-Inquire about other locations


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