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Holistic Health Practitioner & Teacher of T’ai Chi, Qigong, & Self-Empowerment  in
Central, NJ & Bucks Co., PA

International Speaker & Interviewer

Hello & Welcome, 


I am a Holistic Wellness Practitioner who specializes in working with both women and men who want to improve their health through natural measures.  I help them to reduce their stress and anxiety, enhance their emotional and physical balance, so they see a significant increase in their vitality for life!

I guide people like YOU, who want to improve their health through self-empowering Holistic practices.  Clients are highly motivated and open to learning new practices.  They report improvement in reducing their anger, stress, anxiety, and worry while learning ways to support their immunity, balance, and working with pain.

Some of our clients have been the go-to person to solve problems as well as a sounding board for their family and friends. They are burnt-out helping others and cannot seem to say “no” to anyone.  They are not happy, with themselves, their health has declined, but they know that now is the time to take charge and help themselves.  I also work with folks with a lot of stress due to their high-powered corporate jobs or as caregivers.  Some have a lot of anger and anxiety, which is taxing their health.  Many clients report that they are concerned about physical balance, as well as emotional balance.

To learn holistic, natural techniques that you can do yourself alone or in a group class to reduce your stress and increase your vitality check out our classes and events.

Are you ready to learn about the healing power of guided moving meditation in person or online? Then it is time for you to schedule an appointment with Siobhan (Shiv-vaughn), your guide to natural health. Working with a wide range of clients in challenging situations, Siobhan encourages them in a warm partnership for self-empowerment in healing.

Clients who have participated in the harmony of restorative properties of T'ai Chi, Qigong, Reiki, and Energy Medicine at Next Step Strategies have experienced an increase in range of motion, balance, and relaxation while enjoying a reduction in stress and an improved sense of overall well-being.  These practices are shared in a warm, welcoming, & safe environment.  Siobhan has studied in China and continues her studies with a variety of holistic practitioners to ensure that her clients receive the results they desire. Her passion is stress relief and walking in serenity.  Take a class or have a session in one of these modalities.

Our Natural Health Guide’s Qualifications

• Master’s Degree in Holistic Health, Georgian Court University

• Bachelor of Arts, Franklin and Marshall College

• Accredited Teacher- T’ai Chi Chih®, Seijaku, Guigen Qigong

• Certified Reiki Master/Teacher

• Certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner

• Facilitator Psych-K

Find the Healing Power Within

Combining ancient wisdom and practices with the cutting-edge science of epigenetics and quantum physics, you will learn how to guide your mind, body, and spirit to help reduce stress, pain, and to re-balance your body’s vital energy as you strive for optimal well-being. Through our classes, you learn how to foster self-empowerment throughout your healing journey so that you not only feel better now but also learn how to continue to improve your health in the future.  With our customized sessions you receive the full attention for help in healing in a relaxed manner while fully clothed. 

Our programs and sessions are designed to teach you natural techniques, in clear, simple language, and provide the philosophy and research supporting them. As our natural health guide Siobhan says:

“My goal is to grow my practice by providing quality classes, a supportive environment to nurture clients’ self-healing and self-empowerment, a safe place for healing releases, informing people on holistic practices/choices available to them, developing a network of similar minded professionals to refer to, and to support other practitioners’ goals and growth.”

Watch this video & meet Siobhan.

These practices and techniques do not diagnose or cure illness, nor does Next Step Strategies, LLC make any claims as such.

Contact us to sign up for one of our classes or to schedule a private customized session. We encourage clients to reach out to us at (609) 752-1048.

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