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Unlock Your Power, Feel Radiantly Better

Feeling blah?

Just can’t get motivated?

Want to increase your intuitive ability?

You can feel better, move forward, have hope & gratitude rather than doom & gloom, while increasing your psychic or intuitive ability by working with an Energy System in your body called the Radiant Circuits.

What are they? Chinese texts dating back 4500 years ago refer to them. Some believe that these circuits formed prior to the Meridians…which are those energy rivers in the body used by acupuncturists and other energy workers.

Donna Eden, an internationally known Energy worker I’ve studied with, refers to them as Radiant Circuits because a person glows or lights up when they are activated, and they connect the other energies in the body.

I think of them as a “distributor” as they distribute energy from the Kidney energy system to where that energy is needed. They also help to take any excess energy away from the Meridians to other areas. Radiant Circuits are regulators. They manage blood and Qi in the Meridians. They may also attract energies (circumstances) to us as well as making us attractive to others (with our charisma or energies).

Acupuncturists and Energy workers utilize these Radiant Circuits to help with emotional imbalances. It’s also beneficial for you to work with if you have had energy work done, but the outcomes don’t seem last. The Radiant Circuits can help maintain the work accomplished.

How do they Work? Radiant Circuits work by jumping to where they are needed in the body. They are highly responsive to your thoughts. It is possible to direct healing energy in your body by thoughts and emotions. Unlike an energy system called the Triple Warmer (your fight, flight, or freeze response) that act as your guard or your protective soldier, Radiant Circuits seek harmony and to unite all the organs and Meridians to work together as a team.

The Results- As you ignite your Radiant Circuits by simply tracing patterns and with gentle movements, you will feel lighter, more positive, opening to possibilities, better able to make steps forward in life, because you’re able to tap into your intuition. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Don’t you want to feel better?

Take YOUR First Step toward feeling better and bolstering your health by scheduling a 15-minute complimentary Wellness Consultation. Let’s see what difference this could make for you!

Let’s take the Next Step Together,



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